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Periodontal Instruments Kit

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Price $175.00

A brand new kit designed by AAA Equine’s specialist team. A combination of dental explorers, pointed dental probes, banded periodontal probe and mirror has made this kit the top selection by veterinarians to work for advanced equine dentistry procedures.

Burgess Set in a Pouch

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Price $165.00

A combination of straight and offset handles with 3-4 different head sizes makes this instrument ideal for wolf teeth extraction. One of the best seller instrument and a must for your veterinary instruments kit. Heads come in different sizes and are extremely sharp.

Elevator with Spare Points with T-...

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Price $125.00

Another newly designed kit by AAA Equine’s team which is a replacement for your set of 4 Gingival elevators. One heavy duty T-handle with multiple sizes heads in a pouch makes it very handy and easy to carry instrument. Different sized heads suit your needs. All heads have been given a special angle to suit the curvature of the teeth.