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12" Pony Serrated Jaw Molar Forceps

Price $75.00

12" Pony Serrated Jaw Molar Forceps Forceps come with knurled handles. Specially made by AAA Equine TOOL to be used by one hand or two. Fits short crowned molars and premolar caps well. 19" Serrated Jaw Molar Forceps by AAA Equine  tool One of our best selling cheek teeth forceps; it is often used to extract teeth in aged (geriatric) horses and can double as a cap extractor. The knurled handles make it easy to grip and the jaws are set to grasp upper and lower cheek teeth.

Compound Ronguer 9.5"

Price $40.00

Stainless steel multi-function rongeurs for removing wolf teeth fragments, wolf teeth or cap silvers. Also very helpful for removal of plaque from canine teeth. Spring placement to aid the opening and closing mechanism.

Hewson's Tooth Forceps 14"

Price $80.00

This is made from hardened 14 Stainless steel forceps ideally suitad for premolar cam extraction. The total size of the instruments is 14" of more efficiency. The knurled handle of the forceps allow better grip for the practitioner. Stainless steel forceps ideally suited for premolar cap extractions.

19" Serrated Jaw Molar Fulcrum Forcep

Price $150.00

Forceps with inclined serrated jaws that produce parallel positioning to grip the molars at the point of extraction. Comes with removable and adjustable fulcrum that provide leverage affect if required during the extraction procedures. This screw type fulcrum can come apart if not required. 

Incisor/2nd Premolar Forceps

Price $30.00

Upper Primary Incisors and Roots Forceps used for extracting teeth from the alveolar bone. Upper Primary Teeth and Roots; Universal Forceps used for extracting teeth from the alveolar bone. Forceps are designed with enhanced beak geometries to allow for optimal access and enhanced engagement when extracting teeth. This suite of forceps feature a matte finish and unique serrated design to reduce weight and light reflection.

19" Serrated Short Jaw Root....

Price $150.00

It features a long, narrow head with serrated jaws that securely grasp roots and fragments that may remain after a molar is extracted. This instrument is made of highest quality stainless steel and measures 19" length. 

Wolf Tooth Forceps 12"

Price $50.00

This forceps is made of high quality stainless steel with a very fine polish. Comes with a closed jaw head and is 12” long. It is great for work on large wolf teeth, incisors & premolar caps in small horses..

Wolf Tooth Forceps 9.5" with Barbs in...

Price $35.00

One of the most commonly used instruments in equine dentistry. This forceps works well on incisor caps and wolf teeth and can also be used to remove premolar caps in miniature horses. It is made of stainless steel with a closed jaw head. Available in two styles. With barbs in mouth and without barbs.

Upper Laterals and canines 8"

Price $0.00

Extracting forceps are used in teeth extraction process along with elevators. Extraction forceps are designed specifically for a particular region of mouth. They usually have long handles and beaks are designed so that they can easily fit around cervical portion of tooth.