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Clinch Cutter

Price $25.00

Used to raise clinches prior to removing shoe. Drop forged from chrome vanadium steel. Designed to efficiently clean the hooves and to straighten or break the nail clinches. The pritchel end is made to open and size nail holes.


Price $15.00

Hammer with high quality stainless steel head and wood handle makes this an extremely versatile hammer for all Farrier needs. 

Hoof Nipper 15" Straight

Price $75.00

Hoof nippers are made from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel and are precision machined to obtain the correct bevel to the cutting edge. AAA equine Farrier tools are renowned for their quality and durability.

12" Half Round Nipper

Price $60.00

With a correct bevel reached to the cutting edge, this nipper was originally designed for use during hoof wall and clip replacement work. The sharpness and alignment makes this nipper great for excess soles or resecting hoof walls as well. 12" handles. 2" wide x 3/4" deep head.

Hoof Clincher Fat Edge

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Price $60.00

The curved jaw clincher features a proven design for excellent performance and reliability and incorporates replaceable top teeth made from extremely durable satellite. The rounded reigns provide superior comfort and the quality steel and construction ensures that it will provide years.

Hoof testor Large

Price $55.00

Our Round Hoof testers, like all hoof testers are used to locate painful areas on the horses foot. It is a tool used by Farriers and Vets and is much more specific than testing the hoof with a hammer. It is used to locate areas of bruising and puncture wounds. It is also used to help in the first instance diagnosis of foot bone diseases or injuries.