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Elevator with Spare Points with T-...

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Price $125.00

Another newly designed kit by AAA Equine’s team which is a replacement for your set of 4 Gingival elevators. One heavy duty T-handle with multiple sizes heads in a pouch makes it very handy and easy to carry instrument. Different sized heads suit your needs. All heads have been given a special angle to suit the curvature of the teeth.

Premium Quality French Steel Burgess Set

Price $120.00
It comes with four different replacement 'V' shaped heads which partially surround the tooth to help in elevation or loosening of the tooth. This set also includes 2 extensions (straight and offset) for extending the length of the handle and providing more angle to access required segments of the teeth.
The complete burgess set comes with an addition of wolf tooth forceps and a straight ergonomic handle elevator.