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Howard Bone File

Price $25.00

Howards Bone Files are double-ended instruments with serrated working ends. They have an ergonomically designed handle that provides a fitting and firm handgrip during veterinary orthopedic procedures. Available in multiple sizes.

Cheek Retractor

Price $40.00

The cheek retractor is used in the oral examination and treatment, It gently pulls the cheeks away from the teeth and provides more room for powered tools.

Mouth Wedge

Price $45.00

Mouth wed The mouth wedge is used for oral examination and treatment. The wedge has a moulded rubber block, this provides an atraumatic cushion and more comfort for the horse.

Four Head Fulcrum

Price $100.00

Fulcrums are designed to provide pivot and to gain leverage in conjunction with a molar extraction forceps when extracting large cheek teeth. Our Fulcrum has four exchangeable heads of different sizes to provide an option to choose the right angles.