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Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set

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Price $120.00

Form fitting Extreme Vented Sport Boots with an even closer contour fit. Air-flow perforated neoprene to allow the leg to breathe by releasing heat .Easy to clean. Three strong "quick grip" closures make these boots easy to put on correctly every time .Fits like a second skin to protect your equine athlete while keeping dirt out

New Western English Horse Riding...

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Price $100.00

This bareback pad is perfect for having a closer contact and connection with your horse! The cinch straps and stirrups are made from premium soft, supple harness leather in a chestnut oil with minimal basket weave tooling. The Colored top is a brushed suede that insures grip, stability, and comfort. The well-padded, soft fleece underside ensures optimum padding and comfort for your horse. The stirrups are sturdy aluminum and the pad features a handle when needed. Get the best bareback pad around at an affordable price!

Bridle with Reins

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Price $85.00

AAA equestrian Bridle does not only look stunning, it is also extremely comfortable for your horse. This elegant bridle features decorative stitching at noseband and browband. The soft allover padding makes is comfortable on your horse's head. Reins make sure you don't lose your grip. Brass fittings give this bridle the perfect finishing touch.

Atlanta Stud Guard Girth with pile...

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Price $105.00

Protect your horse's belly from stud or shoe strikes with this sturdy girth. Remove the fleece liner for washing with ease. Can be adjusted and tightened from both ends. The classic combination of faux sheepskin and leather creates a perfect look.

Aluminum Stirrups in Colors

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Price $60.00

Polished aluminum stirrups with rubber grip fastened to 2-1/4 inch leather tread to help prevent losing stirrups. Dimensions: 3 inch neck. 6.5 inches overall height. 4.5 inch inside height. 5 inch inside width.

Cambridge Synthetic AP Youth All...

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Price $140.00

This great lightweight, synthetic saddle is built on a traditional all purpose flexible saddle tree. This means a more comfortable seat, an improved fit and added security. The deep foam seat with suede covering makes this an ultimately comfortable saddle. Complete with removable, adjustable knee blocks under the suede knee rolls. Fittings sold separately.  

Harleigh Sheepskin Girth

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Price $75.00

Girth fully lined with natural fur is a nice option for horses with sensitive skin and aversion to the girth. The shell is created in quilted cotton. With the shape designed to have the wider part at the center of the belly, this girth spreads the pressure to avoid discomfort.

Stud girth

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Price $170.00

The Kentucky Horse wear stud girth outer shell is made out of leather that is very strong and very easy to clean. It is very resistant to knocks and scratches and absorbs the biggest shocks thanks to it’s shock absorbing gel.

Flexi Irons Stirrup

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Price $175.00

The Flexi Stirrup Irons are stainless steel irons that are designed to flex backwards and forwards. The flexible feature of these stirrup irons help to reduce the strain on joints from hip to the ankles and also help the rider maintain the correct lower leg position. Black rubber treads.

Tough 1 Swivel and Lock Endurance...

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Price $90.00

The swivel and lock system grants the stirrup to rotate 360 degrees and can be locked into any position for maximum comfort. By rotating the stirrup, it allows the fender to lay flat against the rider's knee. This action works to relieve knee, ankle, and hip strain- promoting a more comfortable ride .Complete deep aluminum design with cushioned rubber inserts, the Swivel & Lock Stirrups are available in multiple top bar lengths to accommodate any size fender.