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Compound Ronguer 9.5"

Price $40.00

Stainless steel multi-function rongeurs for removing wolf teeth fragments, wolf teeth or cap silvers. Also very helpful for removal of plaque from canine teeth. Spring placement to aid the opening and closing mechanism.

Mouth Wedge

Price $45.00

Mouth wed The mouth wedge is used for oral examination and treatment. The wedge has a moulded rubber block, this provides an atraumatic cushion and more comfort for the horse.

12" x 1" S-Float coated Tungsten...

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Price $52.00

S-files play an important role in horse dental floating. They can be used for hand floating or for final finish after power floating in horse mouth. S-files are available in 3 sizes with Tungsten Carbide coating. 12” long s-files come in two width to suit the needs of equine dentists.

Wolf Tooth Forceps 9.5" with Barbs in...

Price $35.00

One of the most commonly used instruments in equine dentistry. This forceps works well on incisor caps and wolf teeth and can also be used to remove premolar caps in miniature horses. It is made of stainless steel with a closed jaw head. Available in two styles. With barbs in mouth and without barbs.

Series 4000 Speculum

Price $550.00

A modified version of standard McPherson style speculum. It comes with 4-5 clicks. AAA Equine has replaced the standard spring with a leaflet spring which makes this speculum superior to other Mc Pherson styles. During a dental procedure if the spring comes off, you will not have to send the speculum back to company to fix it.