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Angled Mirror in a Pouch

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Price $55.00

AAA Equine supplies all of its dental mirrors in pouches. These pouches make sure that the mirrors are safe while travelling or inside instruments box. Mirrors are available in 2 styles and 3 sizes. They come with both straight and bent heads. Three different head sizes have been designed to suit the needs of the dentists.

Dental Picks Longer Head 2" ( New)

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Set of 3 dental picks with 3 different head shapes. Improved design by AAA Equine has made this product superior to standard. Head sizes have been increased from 1.5” to 2” which makes them better to work with inside horse mouth. Made of stainless steel handle and a grip which is 4” long and very stable.

PCK 001- 01, PCK 001- 02, PCK 001- 03

Elevator with Spare Points with T-...

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Price $125.00

Another newly designed kit by AAA Equine’s team which is a replacement for your set of 4 Gingival elevators. One heavy duty T-handle with multiple sizes heads in a pouch makes it very handy and easy to carry instrument. Different sized heads suit your needs. All heads have been given a special angle to suit the curvature of the teeth.